Welcome back to the third and final term!

I hope you are well rested and ready for another term in year 6!

Remember, this term is the conclusion to 6 years of primary education. So, please come to school each day focused and prepared to ensure YOU get the most out of each lesson. That means having: your revision guides each day; a positive attitude and a Wheeler standard of respect.

I would like to remind year 6 children and parents that we begin our first lesson at 8:45am. Children who arrive late often miss essential Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling tasks. Should you arrive late for school or have an appointment during school hours, you must notify the school office in the main school entrance.

Mr. Kemp

Your Learning

Literacy and Maths: We will be refining and enhancing our skills in these subjects ready to equip you with the knowledge and understanding to tackle any linguistic or mathematical problem. I expect lots of enthusiasm for reading, regular spelling practise and effort in developing writing skills across a range of genres.

Knowing basic skills, such as multiplications tables will also be a big focus this year, along with being a mental maths superstar!

Ask members of your family to give you quick fire maths questions to test your mental arithmetic skills.

Science: We will continue to become scientists, using investigation skills and learning about theories related to a range of topics. This term we will be studying Life Cycles, Plants and Inheritance & Evolution. .

Computing: Mr. Butters will continue to challenged your computing skills even further this term with exciting units planned, including how to be a marketer and also looking at how to be interface designers.

Humanities: Geography and History are combined to form Humanities. This term we are working on physical and human geography. This will include: identifying lines of longitude, latitude and the prime meridian; identifying continents and countries; and explaining why and how peoples adapt to their surrounding environment.

RE & PSHE:  In RE our study unit is titled Justice and Freedom. We will explore what is meant by justice and freedom, the concept of karma and what is meant by an ‘ultimate question’.

You will have your say in our topics in P4C, we can discuss current events in the world or something that effects your age group. PE will be taught twice weekly, one session will be on a Wednesday and the other will be dependent on the weather, therefore it is essential that you have your PE Kit in school every day.

Parents & Carers

Please read regularly with your child, as well as encouraging independent reading as often as possible. Homework will be given at the start of each half term. The children will have a variety of tasks to choose from and must complete 6 out of 15.  Children who have attempted their homework, but have struggled will be given the chance to complete it in school, with adult support. All they have to do is bring it in early enough in the term to complete it.

Thank you to the children that always bring their revision books in and are keeping them in such immaculate condition! These books will continue to be used daily in school and therefore must be in school everyday. Please ensure your child has their revision guide with them before they leave for school in the morning.

SATs: As you know year 6 is an important year for our children. Please note absences for holidays will go unauthorised at any point in the year. We would also ask that you avoid making any appointments for your child during the week of the SATs: Monday 8th May 2017 – Friday 12th May 2017

I make it my aim to be available to parents on a daily basis, however if you need to speak to me at a different time please call the school office and I would be more than happy to speak to you or answer any questions and queries.

Helpful Links for Year 6 Pupils & Parents:

(All Passwords and Logins can be found at the front of your child’s homework book)







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