Foundation 1

Autumn First Half Term 2014

Welcome back to a fresh and new start in Foundation 1!

In Foundation 1 the children are learning all about the author Jill Murphy and her very famous stories which include; ‘Peace at Last’, ‘Whatever Next’ and ‘The Large Family’.

All of the stories mentioned above will link into the topic of this half term which is ‘all about me’. Some of the topics the teachers and children will cover are; myself, my house, teddy bears and Autumn animals.

The children will be involved in a range of activities which will aim to develop them across all areas in the EYFS framework; socially, emotionally and cognitively.

Please feel free to talk to any of the staff in Red Base about your child and their progress.


Foundation 2

Autumn First Half Term 2014

Welcome to the start of a new and exciting year!

Across Foundation 2 the children will be undertaking an author study of Allan Ahlberg. He is famous for writing a range of books, including the following; ‘Peepo’, ‘The Baby’s Catalogue’ and ‘Starting School’.

The author study will also link into our topic of the term which is ‘Myself’. Some of the topics your child will be covering are as follows, babies, my family, my home and my school. The children will be involved in a range of writing, number and creative activities to develop their skills as a whole!

Please feel free to come into either Blue or Green Base to discuss your child’s progress!

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