Supporting your child with their Maths

The Maths work your child is doing at school may look very different to the kind of ‘sums’ you remember. At Wheeler, we teach the children to use various mental and written strategies to solve problems. When faced with a calculation problem, encourage your child to ask:

  •  Can I do this in my head?
  • Could I do this in my head using drawings or jottings to help me?
  • Do I need to use a written method? 

Reasoning, discussion and explaining how we have reached answers is a really important part of our Maths work at Wheeler. When supporting your child with Maths, ask them to explain their thinking. You could ask: how do you know the answer is correct? How could you check?

Times tables and number facts

Times tables and number facts underpin much of the Maths your child will learn as they progress through the school. Supporting your child to learn their number bonds, multiplication facts and division facts is an invaluable way for you to support them with their Maths. Even if they already know them, helping them to get quicker and more efficient will make a big difference.

There are lots of fantastic free online games to help children practise their number facts and times tables in a fun and engaging way. Here are some sites which you may find useful:

If you would like further support in helping your child with their maths at home you can download the Steps to Success documents below. These demonstrate how we complete addition, subtraction, multiplication and division calculations for your child’s appropriate year group below.



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