Year 1

Seine – Spring Term


Welcome to Year 1! In Seine this term will be Miss Macadam and Mrs Barrett.

Our topic for this term is called Rainforest Romp and we will be linking all areas of our learning to this topic.



This term the children in Year 1 will be looking at a variety of writing styles. These include; fact files, recounts, instructions and descriptions.

We will be working hard to include basic punctuation in our writing and making our handwriting even neater.



In numeracy lessons we will be covering place value, addition and subtraction all within 20. We will also looking at measuring length and height towards the end of the term. We will be using lots of concrete apparatus to support the children’s understanding in numeracy lessons.

This year we will be learning lots of important skills such as: counting in 2’s, 5’s and tens. The children will be practising counting to 100 and this is something you could also do with them at home.



We will be directly linking our Science work to Rainforests, looking at the plants and animals that live there as well as the effects humans have on this wonderful habitat.

As the term goes on we will also look at how the seasons are changing around us.


PE Kits

Children in Seine will have PE lessons on Thursdays with Mrs Whiteford. This term we will be taking part Team games and Dance, learning to control our body’s movements.

The school has provided all children in Year One with a school PE kit, which is washed regularly and must stay in school. Please ensure your child has appropriate footwear to enable them to participate in PE sessions – sandshoes.

If your child wears earrings please ensure these are removed for PE days or if they need to cover up their earrings, please make sure they have plasters to do this. If your child has earrings in or they are not covered up then your child will not be able to participate that day in PE.



The children will continue to bring their book bags home on a regular basis and it is extremely important to remember to send them back to school so the books can be changed. Our book change day is a Friday. The children will also be listened to each week by an adult in school.

The importance of reading at home should not be underestimated. Please actively encourage your child to sit down and read their school reading book with you. Children should be reading regularly at home so they can get their book changed weekly. Also please remember to ask children questions about the book, settings and characters as it deepens their understanding of what they have read!

Activities you could do to help with comprehension include; drawing a character and labelling their characteristics, writing about their favourite character and writing what happens in the story using their own language.

It is also very important that alongside their reading, the children practise and reinforce their knowledge of Phase 2, 3, and 4 phonics and tricky words whenever possible.  These can be found in the middle of their Reading Records.



The children in Year 1 will get homework at the beginning of each half term. They will have a wide variety of activities that they can complete.  We hope you will support and encourage your child to complete their homework and return it to school by the date given.


If you have any concerns or questions then please come and see us at the end of the school day – we will be happy to speak to you.


Thank you,


Miss Macadam and Mrs Barrett


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