Democracy Rule of Law Tolerance of Culture, Faith and Others

Ø  School councillors elected

Ø  Restorative practice values – problem solving

Ø  School/class charters

Ø  Direct teaching through the curriculum

Ø  Year 5 London visit to Parliament

Ø  Vision and values

Ø  Enterprise education

Ø  Children involved in parent consults (‘with’ not ‘to’)

Ø  Restorative practice circles

Ø  Behaviour policy

Ø  Classroom/school rules

Ø  High expectations and clear boundaries

Ø  Bikeability (safety and road rules)

Ø  Visits from community leaders (police, religions)

Ø  Modelling upstanding behaviour

Ø  Cross-cultural law and acceptance through R.E. and PSHE

Ø  Social rules – sporting/friendship/class


Ø  Accessibility Policy

Ø  Celebration of different festivals e.g. Harvest, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Diwali, Holi etc.)

Ø  Visits to places of worship

Ø  International languages day

Ø  Disability equality

Ø  Local, national and global charity work

Ø  Circles to reflect assemblies and reflection time based on world events/current topical issues


Mutual Respect  


At Wheeler you will see us promoting

British values through these things:

Liberty and Personal Responsibility



Ø  E/Safety

Ø  R.E. curriculum

Ø  Sports day competitions

Ø  Christian Values

Ø  Restorative practice – circles/reflection

Ø  Specific visits to places of worship

Ø  Marking policy – peer-critique

Ø  Parent consultations

Ø  Class rules


Ø  Class charters

Ø  School and class rules

Ø  Class monitors/school monitor jobs

Ø  Pupil voice – circle time, feelings

Ø  Homework – learning logs

Ø  Pre-planning – following children’s interests

Ø  Sports competitions

Ø  ‘Can do’ ethos

Ø  Commitment to extra-curricular activities

Ø  Keeping ourselves/others safe

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