Welcome to the Summer term in Orinoco (Year 4)

I hope you all had a lovely holiday as we are now entering our final term together!

Homework has changed across the school. Due to the popularity of these tasks, the homework structure will continue through the summer term.

Children need to continue to practise reading at home, so I appreciate your help listening to your child read and encouraging them to use Bug Club. Please make sure your child brings their school reading book to school every day to allow us to change your child’s book as necessary. In addition we are continuing to use the Sum Dog programme to aid in the progress of our children’s mental arithmetic skills; so your continued support with the use of this app would be appreciated.

Weekly spellings list will be sent home with the children for them to practise in preparation for our test on a Friday. We will be practising spellings every day.

Literacy –  We will be continuing and perfecting our skills through various subjects this term. We will have a focus on William Wilberforce during the second half term.

Maths –  We will be completing our work on decimals. We will then be moving on to work on statistics.

Computing – We will be toy designers.

R.E. – The children will be studying Judaism.

History and Geography Topic – We will be looking at William Wilberforce and the impact he had on Hull and the world.

P.E. –  PE sessions will continue to be taught both inside and outside.  Please ensure your child has an appropriate PE kit in school. The children will be taking part in rounders and athletics.

Art –  We will be weaving and sewing as part of a larger project. We will also create a clay piece in connection with William Wilberforce.

Music –  We will start our fife lessons with Miss Peacock, reading and composing music. We will also be taking part in a concert at a later date in the year.

We look forward to seeing you in school.

Mr Richards

Mrs Netherton (teaching assistant)

Mrs Wardell (teaching assistant)

Miss Parish (teaching assistant)

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