Year Six Autumn 2017

Welcome back to Year Six!!

We hope you have had a brilliant summer and are now ready to work your socks off for your final year at Wheeler.

We all know year six is a busy year but we have lots of great things to look forward to, such as; school trips, productions and lots of other exciting events (To be revealed!) The year six team are thrilled to be teaching year six, this year, and helping you work hard in preparation for the SATs. In addition to Mr Kemp and Miss Owston, we are very lucky to be joined by two fantastic teachers: Mrs Robinson and Mrs Scowen. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays we will be reducing the class sizes to support the children’s individual learning needs.

‘Aim High!’ will be this year’s motto.

Literacy and Maths: We will be refining and enhancing our skills in these subjects ready to equip you with the knowledge and understanding to tackle any linguistic or mathematical problem. We expect lots of enthusiasm for reading, regular spelling practise and effort in developing writing skills across a range of genres.

Knowing basic skills, such as multiplications tables will also be a big focus this year, along with being an arithmetic superstar!

Children: ask members of your family to give you quick fire maths questions to test your mental arithmetic skills.

Science: Throughout the year we will become scientists, using investigation skills and learning about theories related to a range of topics. This term we will be revisiting materials and learning more about dissolving.

Computing: Our skills in Computing will be challenged even further this year with the introduction of the year six Computing curriculum. We have lots of exciting units planned, included building our own app, designing a game and recording a video. This term we will have the continued support of My Butters, who will help us get started on our computing units.

Humanities: Geography and History are combined to form Humanities. Right up to Christmas we will be learning about Ancient Egypt and Egypt in the modern world. We will research historical findings and facts, and investigate how discoveries made in the past have impacted on today’s world.

Art: The artists we will concentrate on this term are: Katsushika Hokusai and J.M.W Turner. Follow this link to look at Hokusai’s work in a You tube clip:

RE & PSHE/Jigsaw: It is important that at the start of a new school year we establish rules and codes of conduct within our classroom. We will have our say and be included in important decisions in the classroom. We will build on previous E-safety understanding and discuss important events throughout the year. In RE our study we will talk about our own rites of passage and important milestones in our lives as well as important events in different religions.

We continue to learn French in year and will have a unit focusing on Life in France and the weather. Our DT unit of food and textiles will tie in with the Christmas Fair in later in the term in blocked unit. Music will be taught during our preparation for the harvest service. We will have our say during P4C, and will discuss current events in the world. PE will be taught twice weekly, one session will be on a Tuesday for Zambezi and a Wednesday for Nile, the second session will be dependent on the weather, therefore it is essential that you have your PE Kit in school every day.

Parents & Carers

Please read regularly with your child, as well as encouraging independent reading as often as possible. Homework will be given at the start of each half term in a task choice format – children will be expected to complete a minimum of 6 tasks. Children who have attempted their homework, but have struggled will be given the chance to complete in in school, during break-time, with adult support. Please speak to one of the year six team if your child requires any additional support.


SATs: As you know year six is an important year for our children. Please note absences for holidays will go unauthorised at any point in the year. We would also ask that you avoid making any appointments for your child during the week on the SATs: Monday 14th May 2015 – Friday 17th May 2017


Helpful Links for Year 6 Pupils & Parents: 


Ancient Egyptians:


Many thanks for your continued support,

The Year 6 Team

Miss Owston, Mr Kemp, Mrs Robinson and Mrs Scowen

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