Music in the curriculum at Wheeler

Music enriches lives and to that end music at Wheeler will be used and taught in a cross curricular way. Singing can be enjoyed by all and is experienced regularly.

Music skills will be taught following the Long Term Plan. The work of famous composers will be studied and children will be given the opportunity to respond to the work of composers.

Music making will be cross curricular and may often be undertaken as a result of current topic work, visits, visitors, seasonal events, local events or any other stimulus. At all times there should be a balance of process and outcomes. Performances should celebrate children’s work.

Involvement in the Wider Opportunities scheme provides children at Wheeler with the opportunity to learn how to play an instrument and children can access peripatetic music lessons.

At some point every year, every child within the school is given the opportunity to perform in an end of term performance, to which parents are invited to attend.

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