This table shows a summary of the National Curriculum assessment results of pupils in the school (2015) and nationally (2014) at the end of Key Stage1, as a percentage of those eligible for assessment.

The number of eligible children is: 42

Figures may not total 100 percent because of rounding.


1. Includes all schools with pupils eligible for assessment at Key Stage 1. Participation by independent schools is voluntary, therefore only includes results from those independent schools which chose to make a return and which met the statutory standards for assessment and moderation.

2. Speaking and Listening and Science subjectsdo not reportlevel 2A,2Band 2C, onlylevel2.

These are shown in the 2B column for thepurposesof thistable.

4. Absent andDisapplied are not reported inscience main level butare reported asU(unable). These are shown in the disapplied columnfor the purposesof thistable.

5. ‘-‘ represents ‘NotApplicable’.



 These tables show the percentage of Year 6 pupils achieving each level in 2015, compared to national end of Key Stage 2 Teacher Assessment Levels and Test Results for 2014.

The number of eligible children: 29

Figures may not total 100 percent because of rounding.



A Represents pupils who were absent.

B Represents pupils who were working below the level of the test.

D Represents pupils who have been disapplied from the national curriculum.

N Represents pupils who took the tests but failed to register a level.

T Represents pupils working at the level of the assessment but unable to access the test.

W Represents pupils who were working towards but have not yet achieved the standards needed for level 1.


Outcomes for pupil progress between KS1 & KS2

Reading 93% made 2 levels progress
Writing 96% made 2 levels progress
Maths 85% made 2 levels progress

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