Home School Agreement

Pupils will make greater progress if the school and parents work together in partnership, in an atmosphere of mutual trust and support, to meet the needs of their child.

 This agreement establishes the rightful expectations of both the school and parents.


The school will value each pupil as an individual. It will ensure a broad and balanced education provided by quality teaching and support

  • The school will continually seek to provide a safe, happy and stimulating environment in which all pupils are encouraged to reach their potential in all aspects of their education.
  • The school will treat the pupils with respect and will expect the same level of respect from pupils and parents.
  • The school will strive to work in partnership by keeping parents informed about pupil progress, attendance and behaviour. The school will give early notice to parents should any problems arise.
  • The school will alert parents of unexplained pupil absence as soon as possible by telephone, letter or visit.
  • The school will ensure that homework is organised in line with the school’s homework policy.
  • The school will encourage positive behaviour within the school that allows all pupils to thrive and make progress. All parents and children will be regularly consulted and informed about the school’s positive behavioural policy including rewards and sanctions.
  • The school will be constantly vigilant to prevent any child being bullied or the subject of torment or discrimination for any reason.


 I understand that my child will gain maximum benefit from the school if I work in partnership with the school

  • I understand that I am responsible for ensuring my child’s regular and punctual attendance at school and I will ensure that my child arrives at school on time, prepared and equipped for the day.
  • I will ensure that my child attends school wearing appropriate and safe clothing within the school’s dress code.
  • I understand that only the school has the legal right to authorise absence from school
  • I will ensure that I inform the school of the reasons for my child’s absence.
  • I will support the school in encouraging my child to follow the school’s expected code of behaviour. I will support the sanctions taken by the school if my child breaks the school behaviour code.
  • I will support the school in any requests to work together to solve problems relating to my child’s work or behaviour.
  • I will strive to attend parents’ consultation meetings and visit the school when asked.
  • I will show that I value the education my child is receiving by showing interest, providing praise and offering encouragement to support my child’s learning at home.


Internet Usage At Wheeler Primary

 E-safety rules for Wheeler Pupils 

  • We ask permission before using the internet.
  • We only use websites our teacher has chosen.
  • We immediately close any webpage we don’t like.
  • We only e-mail people our teacher has approved.
  • We send e-mails that are polite and friendly.
  • We never give out any information that can identify us, our friends or our location.
  • We never arrange to meet anyone over the internet.
  • We never open e-mails sent by anyone we don’t know.
  • We never use internet chat rooms or social network websites in school.
  • We tell the teacher or teaching assistant if we see anything we are unhappy with.

All pupils use computer facilities including Internet access as an essential part of learning, as required by the National Curriculum. Both pupils and their parents/carers are asked to sign to show that the e-safety rules (on the back of this letter) have been understood and agreed.

Parents consent for Web publication of work and photographs

I agree that my son/daughters work may be electronically published. I also agree that appropriate images and video that may include my child may be published subject to the school rule that photographs will not be close up shots of the child’s face and that photographs/video will not be accompanied by pupil names.

Parents consent for internet access

I have read and understood the school e-safety rules and give my permission for my child to access the internet within school. I understand that the school will take all reasonable precautions to ensure pupils cannot access inappropriate materials but I appreciate that this is a difficult task.

I understand that the school cannot be held responsible for the content of materials accessed through the internet. I agree that the school is not liable for any damages arising from the use of internet facilities.

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