Welcome to Year 2!

We really hope you have had an excellent summer holiday and are looking forward to the new and exciting things that Year 2 will bring!

Transition between Year groups can sometimes be daunting; we want to reassure both children and parents that we will try our utmost to ensure this process happens smoothly. Any concerns or worries about this or anything else, please do not hesitate to come in and see us!

Let’s take a look at what our Autumn Term will bring:

  • In Literacy this term we will be focusing on a range of genres and text types, including: Traditional tales, information booklets and poetry.


  •  In our reading skills sessions this term, our focus will be on retrieval of information, inference, predictions, sequencing stories and understanding the use of vocabulary.


  • Book bags The importance of reading at home should not be underestimated. Please encourage your child to sit down and read their school reading book with you. Also please make sure they bring their book bag to school daily. Reading books will be changed once a week as long as someone from home has read with your child and written a brief comment in their reading diary.


  • In Maths this term we will become more confident with 2 digit numbers. We will be working hard on our times tables and using the four operations  (+, -, x and ÷). We will improve our problem solving skills and mental arithmetic. We will also be collecting and analysing data during statistics sessions.


  • This term as scientists we will be looking at everyday materials and choosing materials for a purpose. We will also be doing some investigations and experiments.


  • During Humanities this term our Focus is on Hull as the City of Culture. We will be looking closely at Hull Fair, its history, culture and traditions.


  • During Computing sessions this term children will develop their researching skills and look at using IPADs to display the information found in different ways.


  • In our RE/PSHE sessions this term will focus on Christianity, kindness, showing respect and taking responsibility.


  • In PE this term, the focus will be gymnastics. Our PE lessons are on Fridays. Please ensure your child always has their PE kit in school as often we have extra PE activities or events for the children to take part in. Please provide your child with an outdoor PE kit (leggings/tracksuit bottoms and a jumper), including appropriate footwear.
  • Please note: If your child has pierced ears you will need to provide plasters to cover them during PE. If earrings are not covered or taken out, I’m afraid your child will not be allowed to do PE. Thank you for your help with this. 


Thank you for your support with your child’s learning.

If you have any queries or concerns please feel free to come and see us!


Thank you 

Mrs Barnard (Class Teacher)

Mrs Goodfellow (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Lucas (Student Teacher)

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