Charging Policy

Providing a broad, balanced and enriched curriculum is the duty of schools. To this end, the staff and governors endeavour to provide all pupils with meaningful experiences that will help them to develop into adults who remain life long learners.


The school will make no charge for materials of any kind.

Printing of Photographs

We believe that sharing school experiences is a positive opportunity for parents and staff to develop a shared understanding of how each child is developing. We ask parents for a voluntary contribution of £2.00 per term to cover the cost of printing in the Foundation Stage as photographs are taken every week and sent home. In other classes charged will be made as and when required. If a parent does not make such a voluntary contribution then the child will still receive photographs to take home. However it may be that if the majority of parents do not make a voluntary contribution then such activities may not take place.

Transport to Swimming Baths (Year 4 lessons).

No charge will be made for this.

Special Events in School Hours

A voluntary contribution will be requested.

Music Tuition

A charge towards to the cost of the tuition will be made.

Brass Tuition £2.50 per week

No child will be denied the opportunity to take part in these lessons however the decision whether or not to make a charge will be determined on an individual basis following a request from parents /carers that the school waive the charge due to exceptional circumstances.

Reading Book Bags

Each child up to and including year 4 receive a reading book bag in order to carry reading books and homework to and from school. These are given free of charge. If a book bag is lost then a charge of £3.00 is made to cover the cost of a replacement.

Residential Trips

The school will endeavour to keep costs at a minimum. The full cost of board and lodging and for any extra-curricular activities such as archery will be charged to the parent. A voluntary contribution towards the cost of transport will be requested. If for any reason a parent informs the school that they are unable to pay for board and lodging, then the school will try to arrange with the parent a way in which the child can go on the visit.

Non-Residential Visits

The school will endeavour to keep the costs of non-residential visits to a minimum. Parents will be asked to make a voluntary contribution towards the cost of the visit. The school recognises that the cost of some visits including those to museums outside of Kingston upon Hull can be prohibitive. To this end, the school, through its fundraising activities, will subsidise the cost of the trip.

Although parents will be asked to make a voluntary contribution towards the cost of the visit, no child will be excluded from any activity if his/her parent does not make a voluntary contribution. However it may be that if the majority of parents do not make a voluntary contribution then such visits may not take place.

Snacks and Milk in the Foundation Stage

Although we receive milk for our under 5 pupils we also believe that the children do need a light snack mid morning. A voluntary contribution of £1.00 per child per week is requested to pay for these snacks.

If a child’s parents do not make the voluntary contribution, that child will still receive the snack.

Snacks and Milk in Key Stage 1 /2

We believe that young children need a nutritional snack mid morning. We regard this as important in developing Social Skills, having a regard to healthy eating and providing some of the essentials of a healthy diet. To this end the school provides milk and a snack for each. Parents are asked to make a voluntary contribution of £1.00 per week, the rest of the cost being met by the school. Any child whose parent does not give a voluntary contribution will not be excluded from this. However if the majority of parents do not wish to make a contribution, then it may be that providing milk and a snack will have to stop.

Water Bottles

Each child from Year 1 to year 6 receives a water bottle at the beginning of each term. These are kept in the classrooms. If a child loses or deliberately damages their bottle then a charge of £1:00 is levied for a replacement bottle.

Before and After School Activities

A breakfast club is held every morning before school where children receive a healthy breakfast. This club begins at 8.00 am and no charge is made. Some parents find it necessary to drop children off earlier than this and these children are taken to Little Treasures at the rainbow building. A charge of £1.00 is made for this. Children can be dropped off from 7.30 am.

The school runs two after school clubs each week day. A charge of £1.00 per child club is made for the Activity club which runs until 4; 00pm. It is possible to arrange for children to stay at school until 6.00pm for which a charge of £7.50 is made.

Day Care

The school runs a day care service through Little Treasures. A charge is made for this service. (Please see pricing list) As part of this a holiday is also offered and a charge of £15.00 per day is made. On occasions free places are offered following a discussion between the Child protection Co-ordinator, the Day Care Manager and the Headteacher. Sometimes the school receives requests from Social Care to accommodate children at either After School Club or Little Treasures. A charge in accordance with the pricing schedule may be made for this.

Damage to School Property

If deliberate damage to school property occurs the school reserve the right to make a charge to cover the cost of replacement or repair to the person or parents of the pupils involved.


No charge is made for personal photocopying, and this is only allowed for essential urgent items.

Personal Telephone Calls

No charge is made for personal telephone calls and these are only allowed in an emergency.


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