Welcome to the Spring Term in Amazon (Year 5).

I am looking forward to starting an exciting term, building on the success of our first term, and helping the children to make further academic progress.

I look forward to meeting some parents during the week beginning 9th January 2017. However, if you feel the need to speak to me about anything, at any time during the term, get in touch and I’ll see you. I’m always available to speak to parents.

The reward system has been established and the children will continue to enjoy gaining house points for their house teams.

There is going to be a different approach to homework this term. Children will be given a choice of more ‘open ended’ tasks and topics to study.

Children need to continue to practice reading at home, so I appreciate your help, listening to your child read and encouraging them to use Bug Club. Please make sure your child brings their school reading book to school every day to allow us to change your child’s book as necessary.

The spelling books may well go home each evening but will need to be brought back to school each day. We will be practicing spellings, in one form or another, every day.

Literacy – We will be reading a range of books and genres.  We will also be concentrating on grammar, comprehension and composition. We will begin the term by studying, ‘The boy who ran away from the circus and joined the library’, by A.F. Harrold.

Philosophy –  The children will be developing speaking and listening skills as well as thinking skills in Philosophy lessons.

Maths – This half term will begin by studying place value. The children will then move on to study ‘statistics’, followed by ‘geometry’.

Science – We will be working scientifically to investigate forces.

Computing – The children will be taught by Mr Butters.

R.E. – The children will be studying ‘beliefs in action’ and we will be studying Hinduism.

History and Geography Topic – We will be studying the history of Hull in our history topic. (From the 11th century on-wards) In geography we will be using coordinates.

Language – The children will be studying French.

P.E. –  Please ensure your child has an appropriate PE kit in school. The children will be taking part in dance. One of the lessons will be taught by Mrs Robinson.

Art – The children will drawing and painting portraits and studying the portraits of a famous artist.

Music –  We will be studying the works of John Williams.

Mr Hanover


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