Science at Wheeler Primary School. (2015)

The review of the science curriculum is complete and the New Science Curriculum will be introduced from September 2014.

The science curriculum will be delivered with an emphasis on scientific skills and practical investigations.

Science lessons should be fun and enjoyable. The children should look forward to them.

The amount of science work undertaken will reflect the importance of science as an important part of the school curriculum. 

Science work, investigations and experiments will be recorded in the children’s science books. These science books will be the primary source of evidence that tell the story of science in your class.

There will be examples of extended written work in the science books that gives the children the chance to explain what they have learnt.

The predominance of Science will be taught through scientific investigation, but not necessarily exclusively. Most should be practical in nature. Children should be encouraged to ask questions and then design scientific investigations to explore the questions they have asked.

Science work should be marked with reference to science aims and objectives. Misconceptions, such as ‘the moon comes up at night’, should be challenged and correctly explained.

Assessment of the children’s level in science should be ongoing throughout the year.

They should follow a scientific process that allows them to question, hypothesise, design an experiment/investigation, carry out an experiment/ investigation, observe, record results (including in a numerical form), analyse data and answer the question they have asked. Please note that children don’t need to do all this for every experiment, a teacher might be focussing on just one aspect of the scientific process, but over the course of a year all aspects of the scientific process should be covered.

Children should have access to a choice of scientific equipment during science lessons.

It is important to note that there is an overlap between science and maths, and other subjects to a lesser extent, and some of the science curriculum might appear in other subject books. For example line graphs based on scientific data might appear in a maths books.

A Glossary of Scientific words will be written at the back of science books. This glossary will indicate the words/vocabulary used in lessons and their meanings.


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