The person who has overall responsibility for safeguarding at Wheeler Primary School is: Mrs D. Robinson

In the absence of Mrs D. Robinson, the deputy safeguarding lead is: Mrs G. Simpson

The school’s Child Protection Coordinator is: Mrs D. Robinson

What to do if you have a concern about a child attending Wheeler:

During school hours:

•    Contact the school and speak to either Mrs D. Robinson or Mrs G. Simpson on 01482 353125


•    Contact the Access and Assessment team for Hull on 01482 448879
Out of school hours and during school holidays:

•    If your concern is urgent and there is an immediate risk of harm, then contact the police on 999.

•    If your concern is less urgent but you are worried about the welfare of the child, then contact the Access and Assessment team for Hull on 01482 448879.

•    If you have concerns about a child at Wheeler which you believe the school need to be aware of, then email Mrs Suzanne Wilson (Strategic lead for safeguarding for HCAT):  Mrs Wilson will make contact with a key member of staff from the school on your behalf.

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