Key dates for the Summer Term 2 2017


Monday 5th June

School re-open. Freddy Fit– Year 6.

Tuesday 6th June

Quadkids at Costello– Years 3, 4, 5, 6

Thursday 8th June

The school is being used as a polling station.
Children will come to school as normal. The school is closed to Red Base that day.

Week beginning 12th June

Woodcarver to work in school. Quadkids– year 2.
Freddy fit– Year 6.
Freddy fit– Years 2 and 3. Freddy fit– Years 4, 5 and 6. Cricket– Years 5 and 6.

Wednesday 14th June

Seine class assembly.

Monday 19th June

Freddy Fit– Year 6.

Wednesday 21st June

Ganges class assembly.

Thursday 22nd June

Year 4 City Hall– Fife concert.
Freddy fit– Blue and Green Base and year 1. Cricket– Years 5 and 6.

Week beginning 26th June

Freddy Fit– Year 5.
Cricket– Year 5 and 6.
HCAT CUP– Years 5 and 6 at Hull YPI.

Tuesday 27th June

Year 5 and 6 performance to parents.

Wednesday 28th June

Year 5 trip to Sirius.

Tuesday 4th July

Green Base class assembly.

Wednesday 5th July

Year 6 trip to Go Ape.

Thursday 6th July

Blue Base class assembly. Cricket– Year 5 and 6.

Week of 10th July

Swimming lessons– Year 4.

Monday 10th July

Sports Day– Years 1 and 2.

Tuesday 11th July

Sports Day– Years 3 and 4.

Wednesday 12th July

Year 6 leavers assembly. Sports Day– Years 5 and 6.

Thursday 13th July

Year 6 leavers trip to Gravity. Cricket– Years 5 and 6.

Friday 14th July

Reports out.

Week beginning 17th July

Swimming– Year 4.

Wednesday 19th July

Open afternoon.

Friday 21st July

Cinema trip for everyone with 96% or above attendance with no unauthorised absences.
Merit assembly.
End of term.

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