Here at Wheeler Primary we have been a Numbers Count school for the past four years. This is a programme designed to improve children’s mathematical skills and understanding of the number system. It is aimed specifically at the year 2 children but over the years children in other year groups have also benefitted.

Children selected to participate in the Numbers Count programme are often in need of a boost both with their confidence and understanding of specific mathematical skills. The children will receive up to 40 one-to-one sessions, usually up to 3 per week each one lasting up to half an hour. Their programme is planned to meet their individual specific learning needs and involves learning through games and repetition of skills while also developing their understanding of mathamatics and their ability to verbalise their thoughts in a comfortable and safe environment.

It is delivered by a trained Numbers Count teacher who has experience teaching across Key Stage 1 and the Foundation Stage. Children are assessed both at the start and end of the programme and most have made some progress and  in many cases outstanding progress as they go on to perform with more confidence and understanding in their classrooms. There has been positive feedback from both children and parents who have participated in the programme.


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