All areas of the school curriculum involve assessment.  We use assessment to tell us where children are at the beginning of a topic and where they are at the end of the topic.  We also assess during every lesson, which helps us to plan our next lessons.  We do this to make sure children are making progress and achieving their potential.  We also use our assessments to plan children’s targets.

Several times a year we have assessment ‘harvests’, where we collect information about how all the children are achieving in Reading, Writing and Maths.  This information is analysed and used to identify children who may not be making as much progress as they need to; we can then put the necessary support in place.

Assessment is changing.  We used to record achievement in ‘levels’, but the government have removed these and schools are designing their own systems linked to the new National Curriculum.  These changes will not affect the children, but you will notice a difference in as much as we will not be using ‘levels’ when we set targets, instead, we will be referring to ‘End of Year Expectations’.



At Wheeler we follow the letters and sounds phonics programme. This is a fun and interactive programme introducing children to both the letter sounds and letter names.

In June our YR1 children will sit the national phonics screening check. We have done very well at Wheeler over the past 4 years and have been above national average with our results. A meeting will be held prior to screening in June where parents will have the opportunity to find out more and ask questions.


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